TC Williams High prom nominations stir controversy

A male student at TC Williams High is running for prom queen, while a female student is running for prom king. Photo: Jennifer Donley via Creative Commons

Controversy has erupted at Alexandria's T.C. Williams High School after a male student was nominated for prom queen and a female student was nominated for prom king.

Students say the finalists for prom king and queen were announced Monday. They say the male student who was nominated for prom queen had let others know he was interested in running for it. They say the female student who ran for king did so in support of the male student.

The male student told ABC7 he was uncomfortable with the publicity the announcement was getting. Since he is in high school we decided not to name him. The female student will also not be named.

One parent who contacted ABC7 told us she felt the school shouldn't have allowed a male to run for queen and vice versa. Another parent agreed, saying it was taking political correctness too far.

But some at T.C. weren't upset by the announcement.

"If that's what they want to do, I think we should be supportive of it," said senior Mariah Frank. "I personally know both people, the girl running for king and the guy running for queen, and they're great people."

Others disagree.

"A lot of people are upset and they don't think it's fair," said senior Kayla Lewis. "People think that if a guy is running, he should be running for prom king and not queen."

Mason says as a guy he wouldn't want to run for queen because it would be unfair to female students who want the honor.

"I feel like it would ruin the chances of girls to get nominated, and it would just be an awkward situation," he said.

The male student who is one of the three finalists for queen told ABC7 he did not mean to upset anyone by accepting the nomination.

He said he was now strongly considering dropping out of the contest.
Although other students told ABC7 the male student let it be known he wanted to run for prom queen, he said he never intended to try to be queen or king.

The prom is June 1 in Springfield. Students say the winners of king and queen will be announced that night.

ABC7 reached a school spokesperson Monday afternoon who said she would call back on the issue. As of Monday night she had not.