Taylor Morris, Afghanistan vet, recovers with help from girlfriend

Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly. (Photo courtesy Tim Dodd)

Taylor Morris, 23, is a quadruple amputee who earned the bronze star with valor for his actions in Afghanistan. Five months later, he is making an incredible recovery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Taylor’s love story with longtime girlfriend Danielle Kelly is what is capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.

Taylor and Danielle are high school sweethearts from Iowa, who are always up for an adventure.

“We started out being best friends,” Danielle said.

“We…enjoy being around each other,” Taylor said.

Seven years later, however, the couple are facing a devastating situation together: This past May, Taylor, a Navy explosive ordinance device technician, was injured in Afghanistan.

Taylor said he stepped on an IED, but, incredibly, he maintained consciousness, and was able to warn his team of the danger.

“I remember landing on the ground and looking over my body and I knew exactly what had happened,” Taylor said.

He had lost both of his legs, his left arm and his right hand.

Millions of people worldwide are aware of Taylor’s recovery, thanks to Danielle, and his family and friends, who are documenting his progress on Home videos show him taking his first steps, biking through the hospital hallways, and even practicing dancing with Danielle in therapy—so, that they could later dance together at a friend’s Labor Day wedding.

“Taylor and I are just trying to focus on living in the moment and knowing that this is what we have now,” Danielle said.

“We both have off days but they're kinda off-set from each other,” Taylor said.

Despite all of the attention they're getting, this laid-back and private couple say that attention isn't their motivation.

“We've had people writing letters and emails telling about their personal story about how this is helping them- that is the major thing that is motivated us to continue doing it,” Taylor said.

Though Taylor's recovery certainly hasn't been easy for either of them, they are moving forward—together.

“We still laugh every day, we still have fun with each other, we still do the things that we love to do…and we still plan to live the life that we've always planned on living together,” Danielle said.