Tax-free week kicks off in Maryland

It's tax-free week in Maryland. (Photo: Flickr/o5com)

(AP, ABC7) - Maryland's annual tax-free week is getting started.

Maryland residents will not have to pay the 6 percent sales tax on qualifying clothing and shoes priced at $100 or less during the period.

“With a stagnant economy the only way to improve it is to get people spending and this is an incentive to get people to spend,” said Christina Garcia, store manager at Pink Palm clothing in Bethesda.

The tax-free rule applies only to clothes. Michael Guess says pocketing the six percent sales tax will help as he prepares to go back to school shopping for his son.

“We still have to do our back to school shopping and we wait until the last minute so we'll take advantage of that,” Guess said.

Maryland is one of 16 states that's rolling back taxes for back to school shopping season.

“I think it's a great idea especially in these hard economic times,” said Rebecca Dils.

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It runs from Sunday until Saturday. Read for more information.