Tax Day April 15: D.C. area residents scramble to file taxes

It's the day Americans dread - tax day and on April 15th. Plenty of people have waited to file.

At Merrifield post office, the mailing madness is underway.

Before the office was open, people filed into the building with folders in hand to make sure they could get their information off the IRS in time.

J.D. Almond says he often waits until the last minute.

“I did a little bit every once in a while so it didn't seem bad but I did always think oh my gosh I've got to get it done and what if I don't but it didn't seem that bad,” Almond says.

One reason people say they procrastinate on purpose is because they have to pay up.

Mark Theile is one of many who this year has to dig deep to pay off Uncle Sam.

“I've had it done for a couple weeks now but I had to write a check and I didn't want to write it early,” he says.

While some people do have to pay up Monday, there's some things that you won't cost you anything on this tax day. A number of retailers and restaurants are giving out freebies including curly fries at Arby's.

And don't worry you still have time to get the paperwork postmarked. A number of area post offices are staying open late Monday as well.