Tanya Snyder honored with Mother of the Year award

Mother's day came four days early for Tanya Snyder.

Wednesday, Tanya was honored as the National “Mother of the Year' by the American Cancer Society. Tanya's husband Dan Snyder owns the Redskins.

“It is the most special award,” she says. “I’m very proud.”

Tanya Snyder is a breast cancer survivor and has served as a champion in efforts to fight the disease.

Jacqueline Griffin was there, along with her son RG3.

“Tanya's an awesome... a tribute to all mothers,” she says.

Wednesday’s event was emceed by veteran ABC journalist and former Mother of the Year honoree Cokie Roberts, also a cancer survivor.

Tanya Snyder’s oldest daughter Tiffanie spoke. Through tears, she said there’s no better present for the mother of the year.