Tampering with fire hydrants a crime in D.C., officials say

By Sunday afternoon, temperatures in the D.C. area are expected to soar into the 90s in the first major heat wave of the summer. The District has a message for residents, though, as the mercury rises: sway away from our fire hydrants.

DC Water officials are reminding Washington residents that anyone who opens or tampers with a fire hydrant in the city faces a $100 fine. What more, officials say that doing so is dangerous and could put neighbors at risk.

"Hydrants need to be ready and available to fight fires," DC Water GM George Hawkins said in a statement. "Opening a hydrant without the right tools can damage the hydrant, the nozzle and the pipes in the water distribution system."

Fire officials also say that in the event of a fire, open fire hydrants leave open the possibility of lower water pressure, making it more difficult for firefighters to do their work.