Tallest building in D.C. area set to be unveiled

The view from the Monday Properties building. (Photo: Kendis Gibson)

A new $300 million skyscraper is set to be unveiled to the skies of the greater D.C. area after three years of construction.

The new Rosslyn building, financed by Monday Properties, is now the tallest structure outside the Washington monument in the D.C. area. Despite the October opening date, the building has yet to acquire a single tenant.

The building stands at 35 stories and is a testament to modern architecture, with a glass exterior and an interior adorned with marble from Italy and limestone from Spain.

Tim Helming, the executive in charge of the building, is confident that the exboritant skyscraper will be worth the expensive gamble.

Helming said, "the location, the benefits that Rosslyn has to offer, the live work, play environment--we felt it's a reasonable bet to make."