Takoma Park stabbing, carjacking leads to police chase, suspect's death

Photo: Alan Henney

A wild scene that started as an attempted carjacking and stabbing at a gas station in Takoma Park led to a high-speed police chase, a car crash, a man attacking an officer, and the man eventually dying from police bullets.

At 3:47 p.m., a man was filling a Porsche with gas at a Sunco gas station in the 6900 block of New Hampshire Avenue. The man went inside to pay and when he returned, he saw another man in the car. The man yelled for the other man to get out and screamed for people to call the police, a Takoma Park Police news release said.

As the man was getting out of the Porsche he demanded the keys to the car, the release said.

A fight broke out between the two men and the attacker stabbed the man multiple times. The attacker then ran to a Ford Focus nearby and rammed the Porsche before fleeing northbound on New Hampshire Avenue, the release said.

Takoma Park Police responded to the scene and a high-speed chase ensued, according to Takoma Park Police Chief Ronald Ricucci.

At one point, police lost sight of the attacker, but the man lost control and overturned the car after smashing into three occupied vehicles on Riggs Road near Metzerott Road in Adelphi, about two miles from the Sunoco station.

Police saw the attacker fleeing from the scene and a female officer began to pursue him on foot. She tased him but it seemed to have no effect, Ricucci said.

The suspect then attacked the female officer. A male officer arrived and demanded the man to stop the attack.

When the man failed to follow orders, the male officer shot him multiple times.

The attacker was taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center where he was pronounced. The driver of the Porsche was also taken to the hospital where his is in critical condition.

The knife believed to be the weapon in the earlier stabbing was found at the scene of the shooting.

Officers from Prince George’s Police and Montgomery County Police also responded to help Takoma Park Police, Ricucci said.

The two officers involved in the apprehension and shooting of the suspect were Cpl. Keith Largent, a 23-year-veteran and Pfc. Mary Jo Walpole, an 8-year veteran of the police department. An internal investigation will be conducted.

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