Takoma Park Metro under-skirt recording suspect sought

A man who is accused of using his cell phone to record under a woman’s skirt at the Takoma Park Metro station is still on the loose, and police say there may be more victims.{ }

The suspect, who Takoma Park Police say was hiding a video camera in his book bag, is described as a black male with dark brown skin and short hair. He is about 6-foot-1, approximately 18-25-years-old, and was last seen wearing a green polo shirt and blue jeans.

Police say he approached the same woman twice in one week.

During the first incident on Aug. 14, the victim told police the suspect approached her asking for directions, between 7:15 and 7:45 p.m., on the station platform. The victim said the suspect followed her as she boarded the Metro train, but when she arrived at her stop, the suspect stayed on the train.

The next day, the victim said the suspect approached her in the 6800 block of Eastern Avenue at about 5:43 p.m., also requesting directions to College Park. Police say the women recognized the man as the one who had also approached her on Tuesday

The victim told police that, on both days, the suspect was acting weird as repeatedly brushed his bag against her leg. She tried to distance herself from him, but he continued his actions.

Police say the victim then noticed that the suspect’s cell phone was recording underneath her skirt, through a hole in his book bag.

She tried to take the bag from the suspect and it ripped.

The suspect picked up the book bag and cell phone and fled on foot in an unknown direction on Eastern Avenue.

Police are investigating whether there may be more victims. Anyone with information about this crime, or if you believe you have been a victim, is asked to call (301) 270-1100.