T.C. Williams teacher accused of inappropriate relationship with students

(Photo courtesy T.C. Williams.

With school coming to an end at T.C. Williams, a week meant for celebration is now clouded by controversy.

In a letter to parents Monday, T.C. Williams' principal writes that on Friday, two students reported that a male teacher was having inappropriate relations with several female students.

Staff investigated and found enough information to remove the teacher from school. The teacher, who is not identified, later resigned. Alexandria police began their investigation.

In a written statement, school superintendent Mort Sherman says, “We want our families to know that the administration will not tolerate any misconduct or inappropriate behavior between staff and students and will do all possible to keep it out of our classrooms.”

Sandy Freedman's daughter is graduating on Saturday from a school where this situation is painful for many.

"I just see T.C. as a fabulous institution so whenever news like this comes out it's just an unfortunate thing,” she says.

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