T.C. Maslin: One suspect on trial for beating Capitol Hill man

T.C. Maslin, right, was severely wounded in the alleged attack.

A man accused of beating a Capitol Hill man at Eastern Market went on trial this week.

The savage Aug. 18 attack left young father T.C. Maslin with severe brain injuries.

On trial is Tommy Branch. Sunny Kutti and Michael Moore are also accused in connection with the incident.

Maslin was struck with a BB gun, punched to the ground and robbed of his credit card and cell phone, according to court papers. The three suspects are also accused of robbing two other men in a separate neighborhood hours after attacking Maslin, who was assaulted while on his way home from a bar after attending a Washington Nationals game with friends.

While the man charged with inflicting those wounds sat nonchalantly listening, the neurosurgeon who treated Maslin described the damage: A lacerated brain, shattered skull and deep coma. These are the type of injuries which will likely leave Maslin permanently disabled.

Prosecutors maintain of the three men charged with robbing and beating Maslin, as he headed home on foot, Branch is the one who inflicted the devastating injuries.

Branch's defense rests on two points: Investigators never found the baseball bat which they believe Branch used and raising doubts about the witness who implicated Branch in the attack.

Meanwhile, it has yet to be seen if Maslin, who had difficulty speaking after the attack, will be called to testify about the assault.