Syria Local residents react to potential U.S. military action

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- As Syrian immigrant Baraa Zuhaili attends the Islamic Convention in D.C., his mind is far from the goods being sold at the festive bazaar. He is instead thinking about his home country, and whether the U.S. will take military action against it.

“Even though I don't like my country to be bombed, I think it is necessary to force the regime either to step down or to make some reasonable compromise to a reasonable solution," he said.

Nadia Alawa runs a charity to help women in Syria, and the mass killings there last month have made her angry and supportive of a U.S. military strike:

“This is enough," she said. "This is too much. We need something. Nobody inside Syria wants ground troops. They don't want any soldiers on the ground. All they want is to level the playing field a little bit.”

On Saturday, President Obama announced support for a strike with congressional backing. And here in Washington, many are shocked by last month’s mass killing in which the nerve gas, sarin, was used.

"As a country that has the ability and means to help others, we should maybe do something," said Erin Schmeider. "But I'm not sure that an air strike is the right thing."

"I am torn on the fact that maybe the President is asking Congress as political cover for maybe not doing anything," said Adam Mistler.

"It could be an air strike now, but who’s to say it won't be boots on the ground?" asked Emily Miller.