SUV crashes into home in Riverdale Park

Melizza Velez in front of the house the SUV drove through. (Photo: Brad Bell)

It wasn’t just a car bumping into a house or crashing through a window. An SUV Sunday morning literally went all the way through the living room and out the other side of Melissa Velez’s home.

Velez, who is seven months pregnant, had been sleeping soundly with her husband Wilson when the speeding SUV went out of control on East West Highway, jumped a curb and went airborne.

“It was crazy it was scary,” she said. “We woke up to a boom. And then we looked outside and there was a car and a whole hole there.”

At the time, she was in the downstairs bedroom while her three little daughters were sleeping upstairs.

Amazingly, the family of five escaped unharmed.

The driver of the SUV tried to run away but was caught by neighbors, Velez said. He’s now been charged with DUI.