Virginia Railway Express remains not human, medical examiner concludes

Trains were stopped for hours as authorities examined the remains Wednesday evening. Photo: ABC7

The Manassas Park Medical Examiner has concluded that remains that were fond near Virginia Railway Express tracks on Wednesday night were not human, officials say.

The gruesome discovery, which was made around 6 p.m. between the Manassas Park and Burke stations on VRE's Manassas line, caused major delays and train cancellations.

VRE spokesman Mark Roeber said once police found the then unidentified remains, the entire area was shutdown as the investigation began.

Four VRE trains were stopped and offloaded, Roeber adds. Three additional trains were offloaded at Burke Centre. While the railroad tracks are back open, stranded passengers spent hours trying to get home.

Byron Lewis, a VRE commuter, said, "You can't do anything about it. I just called my family and told them I wasn't going to be home for dinner."

Some passengers even gave VRE high marks for how they handled the unusual situation.

"They let us know right away when they knew what was going on and made arrangements for buses," VRE commuter Lori Petterson said.

VRE officials advised passengers of the possible two-hour long delay on their website Wednesday evening. Riders on the stopped trains were advised to have someone pick them up to avoid further delay.

The agency also recommended riders on the Manassas line find another form of transportation.

Buses arrived at Burke Centre Wednesday night to take stranded riders home. Six buses were also sent to Cllifton to pick up passengers at 7130 Main St. The train will be moved to the Clifton buses. For more VRE updates, click here.