Suspicious package cleared at Canadian Embassy in NW

Long lines of people waiting outside of D.C. Superior Court on a hot Monday as police investigate a suspicious package nearby. (Photo: Same Ford/WJLA)

A suspicious package found at the Canadian Embassy in Northwest has been cleared, D.C Fire reports.

D.C. fire department spokesman Pete Piringer says the embassy was evacuated Monday morning after a suspicious package was discovered on the loading dock. It was later determined not to be dangerous, but Piringer said he did not know what the package actually contained.

Canada's embassy is{ }at 501{ }Pennsylvania Avenue near the D.C. Superior Court building and the Newseum.

While police investigated, several streets in the area were shut down. The entrances{ }to the D.C.{ }Superior and Circuit court buildings, located{ }nearby, were also closed.

ABC7 News reports that{ }lines are extremely long outside of D.C Superior Court, and due to the hot weather, people with respiratory problems are being allowed to move to the front of the line.