Suspects steal from hundreds of mailboxes in Waldorf

(photo courtesy Cynthia Closkey via Flickr)

Lindsey Wieland is among hundreds of Waldorf residents whose mail was stolen from their front yard mailboxes.

Though thieves got away with the Christmas cash her cousin sent, she's more concerned about bills with identifying personal information.

“I called all my credit card companies,” she says. “I put an alert on all of my accounts and everything.”

The sheriff's office has notified residents by letter that the thieves hit hundreds of mailboxes last Saturday night. The suspects also stole packages.

“They were in search of gift cards, money … anything,” says Diane Richardson, spokesperson for the Charles County sheriff’s department, who added that Christmas cards were torn up.

The Barrett sisters say they had important college letters and IRS documents destroyed.

Advice to residents: Take mail and packages inside as soon as possible so you don't become a victim.

The Sheriff’s office is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest.