Suspected dognapper stealing Yorkshire Terriers in Prince George's County

Yorkshire Terrier (Photo: Flickr/Sheena 2.0™)

Some Prince George's County residents are worried there is a dognapper on the loose after three Yorkshire Terriers went missing from three different towns since December 1.

Rachelle Saulsbury owns two Yorkies, Tucci and Hugo.

On Friday, Saulsbury let them out in her neighborhood, but says Hugo disappeared. A neighbor said she saw a blue compact car pull over and pick up the dog.

"You kind of get attached to your animal," Saulsbury said. "It's like someone taking your child. [I've] had him since he was four weeks."

Saulsbury is worried because Hugo has a heart problem and needs his medication.

Owner Amber Schinault has offered a $1,000 reward for her missing Yorkie, Mollie. Nine days ago, Mollie was let out in their fenced yard as usual, but never came back.

Despite a wide search by neighbors, calls to shelters and Craig's List ads, Mollie has not yet been found.

"It's just very lonely without her here," Schinault said.

An owner in Lanham said a neighbor saw his Yorkie stolen by a person in a white van.

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