Angela Cobbold arrested after chase

The suspect taken into custody. (Photo: WJLA)

Court records show a Manassas woman has been charged with first degree assault and reckless endangerment after she allegedly led police on a chase, struck a cruiser and had shots fired at her, WTOP reports.

Virginia State Police started chasing Angela Cobbold, 27, for allegedly going 93 mph on I-66 eastbound near the Beltway.{ }

Police called off the chase at the American Legion Bridge and notified Maryland State Police as Cobbold crossed into Maryland. As she came to the Northwood entrance at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Kobbold made a U-turn, struck another vehicle and started driving against traffic authorities say.

Police say she was spitting out soap.

Police say Cobbold went back to the Northwood entrance where she tried striking a naval officer with her Mitsubishi. The officer hit her car with a baton while another officer fired one shot into the vehicle.

Cobbold then allegedly drove off where she crashed near the White Flint Mall in Rockville. She is undergoing a mental evaluation at a local hospital. Charges are pending, and Cobbold is being held on $200,000 bond, WTOP reports.

The last time next-door neighbor Josue Velasquez saw Coddle, she sat in the black Mitsubishi involved in today's chase for two hours.

"She was sitting down in the car reading the Bible," Velasquez said.

Residents ABC7 spoke with were stunned the woman they'd seen on the news lived in their neighborhood.

Joshua Hoffman, one of Coddle's neighbors, said, "I had no idea she lived just a couple houses down."

"Very rarely I see her...," added next-door neighbor Tripura Shrestha. "I just say hello, and she says hello and that's about it."