Jorge Rueda Landeros was beneficiary of Sue Marcum's insurance policy

The 41-year-old man suspected of killing American University professor Sue Marcum is reportedly the beneficiary of the victim’s $500,000 life insurance policy.

Jorge Rueda Landeros, who has an international warrant out for his arrest, is believed to be living in Mexico. He holds dual U.S. and Mexican citizenship.
Marcum, 52, was killed in her Bethesda home in October. There were signs of forced entry and a struggle at the scene, police said, and some items and her vehicle were missing.

According to published accounts, Landeros has written to acquaintances professing his innocence in online postings.

The Washington Post reports that Landeros has been taunting authorities.

He reportedly wrote to an El Paso detective: “Of course you are cordially invited to cross the same bridge, in the opposite direction and meet me at Sandborn's... We can talk shop all you want. It's best if you come on a Sunday. We can have brunch. It will of course be my treat, yours Jorge,” according to the Post.