Suspect wanted for skimming ATMs in Montgomery County

While holiday shoppers searched for the perfect gift, police in Montgomery County were out in force hunting for a man who's been stealing ATM card data.

Police say the suspect is connected to at least three ATM skimmers found in the county.

Investigators say he first targeted a Capital One in Silver Spring back in January, fixing an electronic device called a skimmer to the ATM. The skimmer steals customers' numbers from their cards.

Between July and November, he placed skimmers at a M&T Bank in Gaithersburg. And late last month, he did the same thing at the Navy Federal Credit Union in Germantown.

Investigators began connecting the dots after bank customers noticed money missing from their accounts.

ATM customer Carlos Bongioanni said, "It's a terrible thing to happen during the Christmas season...We all want to give...but we don't want it stolen from us."

Sadly, the suspect is not alone. Experts say incidents of skimming are{ } growing across the country. The sophisticated thieves are stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Some customers told ABC 7 they're more careful now when they use an ATM.

Byron Harley explained, "You're supposed to check the card slot to see if it moves too much...and if it doesn't fit the color of the machine."

Investigators are hoping somebody recognizes surveillance photos of the suspect. Crime Solvers is offering a reward of $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest and indictment.