Suspects use shotgun in string of Northeast robberies

Police in D.C. say they believe two men are responsible for at least five robberies in Northeast. In each case, the suspects used a shotgun to threaten their victims.

"There is a bit of shock because it was a shotgun. It was such a big gun. When you see a shotgun, you know it is a shotgun," said Jerrell Harris.

That gun was pointed at Harris, 34, as he walked home from the Brookland Metro early Sunday morning.

"He pulled the gun out, he cocked it real quickly [and] the other guy said, 'Put your hands up. We are going to empty your pockets," Harris recalled.

Sources tell ABC7 Harris is actually one of five victims who may have been targeted by the same two men since Christmas Eve.

Harris continued, "Had I known that there had been some extra criminal activity in the area, I would make a different decision. I doubt I would have been walking home by myself."

The area the two seemed to target was a section of Northeast in and around the Brookland neighborhood. The victims include men and women of all different ages and races. The crimes took place at different times of the day. But in all five cases, the weapon was a shotgun.

In one of the police reports, the victim told police the suspect "pulled (a) black shotgun from his pant leg...and racked the weapon..." Once at gunpoint, the suspects either told the victims "give me your stuff", "give me everything cuz" or "gimme your stuff."

Harris added, "He went into my front pockets, my back pocket, took out my phone, my wallet, my cash and my keys. And they said start walking..."

It's a story Harris said he's grateful he's here to tell.

"Just to know that a shotgun is something that could potentially shred you, it could definitely take you out," Harris added.

He hopes the police put an end to it all.

Harris continued, "I really hope they are able to find whoever did it and get the word out that there are robbers out there targeting an area of the city."