Suspect sought in attempted Northwest sexual assault

The ordeal began around 9:19 a.m. on Wednesday when a man knocked at the front door of a home on Chesapeake Street in Forest Hills.

The woman who answered the door was a 60-year-old attorney who had just dropped off her son and husband at the airport, and sources said the man announced he was delivering a package when she opened the door.

He sprayed mace in her face, punched her repeatedly, and managed to muscle his way in. During the attack, the man used a stun gun two to three times on the woman, handcuffing her while threatening to rape her. She kept fighting back and the suspect eventually fled. Those close to the woman said she drove herself to the hospital with a neighbor following behind her who called the police.

The house is on a dead-end street surrounded by luxury homes, and it’s just down the block from the home of the Israeli ambassador.

Jeff Stromberg, the victim’s neighbor, said that residents of the neighborhood are always out and about and that the police are at the ambassador’s house 24/7, so the act was a pretty brazen one.

While the woman recovers from her injuries, neighbors insist they will be on alert. “We’ll be locking our doors and looking out of our windows when someone rings,” said one.

The incident lasted about half an hour and the home where the attack took place is now covered in fingerprint dust.

The shock reverberated throughout the neighborhood.

"It is so far outside the realm of reality. I’ve never really heard a story like this at all," said neighbor Charlie Cerf.

So far, the attack appears to be random. In addition to the broken bones in her face, her body is covered in cuts and bruises, sources told ABC7.

These injuries stunned neighbor Barbara Kreisman, who said: "Oh my goodness. So he really looks like he was out to get somebody. It's not just robbery, it was to do harm to an individual and that makes it more terrifying."

Police say they are looking for a white male around 50 years old who stands at 5 foot 6 and weighs 180 pounds. He has grey hair and may have driven away in a red vehicle.

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