Susan G. Komen Global Race For The Cure set for Mother's Day

The Susan G. Komen Global Race For The Cure is coming up on Mother's Day.

And ABC7 is proud to again be a sponsor of this year's race.

A Woodbridge woman, living with breast cancer, is a true fighter.

Eight years ago, doctors told Laura Bruce she probably wouldn't make it. But each day, she still lives with cancer.

She says, the difference is choosing how to deal with it.

Painting from her home in the afternoon would have never happened before for Laura Bruce. She left the competitive corporate world at IBM, but it took a health scare to return her to her true passion.

"You can't let it rule you because life doesn't stop," Bruce says.

Now 53, Bruce was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 after a routine mammogram found a lump on her left side. She had a mastectomy.

Then, the cancer spread to her hip and other bones. Doctors didn't expect her to make it long.

She also had a 5-year-old son.

"At that time the doctor said if you have stuff to do, go ahead and do it," she says.

Bruce endured chemo. And unlike many cancer survivors who reach remission, Bruce was never told by doctors that she had.

She has lived eight years with cancer, taking several drugs and going to monthly appointments.

"That was really hard in the beginning," she says. "I would see people celebrate with cakes and partying in the infusion room and yet there I sit, waiting to come back in three or four weeks for my infusion."

Still, with another Mother's Day to celebrate with her family, Bruce's approach to life has changed.

"I try not to sweat the small, dumb stuff," she says. "Like getting mad at someone driving too slow in front of me in traffic because who knows maybe she came out of chemo."

"I liken it to a low-playing radio in the background," she says. "It's always there."

After leaving her full time job, Bruce spends her time on her artwork and raising her now 12-year-old son.