Surveillance footage shows 7-Eleven robbery

The young man in the dark ballcap holds the gun in his lefthand, pointing at a convenience store clerk with a demand for cash. While no one was hurt customers are anxious.

The surveillance footage from cameras outside and inside this 7-Eleven off Godwin Drive in the City of Manassas shows a white man believed to be in his early 20's walk into the store around midnight Tuesday.

He strolls around the store appearing to wait until customers leave.

The moment comes when the man approaches the counter, pulls his ballcap over his eyes, then points the gun.

The clerk hands over wads of crumpled cash and the gunman leaves. It's possible he took off on a bicycle.

Manassas City detectives have shown these images to other jurisdiction police departments to see they recognize him. This may be the first time he's done something like this. They want to catch up with him, before he tries to do it again.