Surrattsville High teaches kids what it takes to go to college

Many high school students think going to college is just a pipe dream, but one Maryland high school is working to change that.

At Surattsville High School in Clinton, a one-period class is offered every other day to teach students what it takes to get into college.

The year-long program prepares high school seniors across Maryland, D.C. and Virginia for life after high school.

"The tools they gain in class on how to make action plans and how to implement them is something they can transfer to college or whatever they do at work and whatever they do with the rest of their lives," said Kirsten Simpkins, teacher.

The class, called "College Summit," helps students write personal statements, build resumes, walk them through the application process and how to pay for school.

Student and peer leader Patience Amankwa says being in the program has been a life-changing experience.

"I walk with a sense of pride," Amankwa said.

Principal Kristi Holden says Patience isn't alone.

"They realize, 'Oh I am doing great. Ican do this. I've overcome these obstacles. Now I can go to college,'" Holden said.

About 80 percent of students who enroll in the class go on to college, Holden said.

The program also helps young men and women with work readiness skills and even those considering a career in the military.

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