Soldier's homecoming surprises Maryland children

CLARKSBURG, Md. (WJLA) - Friday was truly a beautiful spring day for two Clarksburg High School students.

Ashley and Taylor Campbell thought they would be chatting on-air with WJLA reporters about the hardships of having a parent deployed overseas, but were actually in for a wonderful surprise.

Just as they were talking about coping with their mother's first long-term deployment to Beirut, the reporter told them to turn around.

The children were flabbergasted to see their mother, U.S. Army Tech Sgt. Natalie Campbell, standing there, freshly home from her six-month assignment in Lebanon.

Ashley and Taylor knew their mother would be home soon, but didn't think it would be Friday.

" (I'm) just overwhelming to see my kids after so long," Natalie Campbell said. " I just missed them -- the past six months have been very trying."

"She's home she's safe," Ashley Campbell said.

The family is reunited now, and gets to spend some special time together on a cruise before Natalie is again deployed for six months.