Superstorm Sandy victims arrive in Washington

Gramercy, formerly known as Capone, emerged from his cage after the drive from Brooklyn in an ASPCA van. Photo: Joshua Yospyn

More than one dozen animals, victims of Superstorm Sandy, are now in Washington for a shot at a new life. They arrived Monday afternoon at the Washington Animal Rescue League.

They have been through a lot in the last couple of months, separated from their families with no home to return to.

Eight dogs and five cats waited for weeks at a Queens, New York animal shelter after Hurricane Sandy, just in case their owners came back.

WARL brought the animals to D.C. Monday. They spent a week with the animals in New York and say it was hard not to get attached.

For the animals, it’s another new place to get used to, but a step toward adoption and a permanent place to call home.