Super Bowl XLVII: Maryland Zoo's chimps predict Ravens to win Super Bowl

BALTIMORE (AP) - The chimpanzees at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore think their team is going to win Sunday's Super Bowl.

The zoo on Friday orchestrated a way for the animals to make their prediction. Keepers put up two paper banners in the chimps' enclosure, one for the Baltimore Ravens and another for the San Francisco 49ers. The zoo's 11 chimpanzees were then allowed in to the enclosure. Zoo spokeswoman Jane Ballentine says the chimps first ripped off a piece of the Baltimore banner, signaling their prediction.

The zoo has made banners for the chimps to tear down before on occasions like Halloween and Valentine's Day, but they've never been used as a prediction tool.

The chimps were also given junior size footballs in Ravens colors to play with on Friday.