Are you ready for the heat?

{ }The D.C. area reached the 90 degree mark through much of the region for the first time this year on Thursday.

That means we’re well behind the first 90 degree day in 2010, which occurred on April 6, followed by a record-tying 67 90 degree days in Washington, D.C., over the summer.

Still, many in D.C. said that it is too hot for this early in the season.

{ }“I guess I just feel like my clothes and everything are sticking to me,” said one tourist. “It would be nice to be in some air conditioning and maybe get some ice cream.”

The average temperature for today is just 78 degrees.

First time mother Ashley Wane brought her newborn to the mall for a stroll. She got out early while it was still bearable.

“I can only take her out in the morning and in the evening,” she said. “The evening has mosquitoes so the morning is the best option for us with this heat.”

The D.C. Department of Public Works is urging D.C. residents not to open fire hydrants as they search for relief from the muggy weekend weather.

Many public pools will open this weekend.

Cupcake vendor Sandra Panetta’s food cart has an air conditioner that only works for 20 minutes at a time. She’s not liking the above normal temperatures.

“It's miserable in here when the air conditioning goes off,” she said. “The cupcakes start to get warm and the frosting melts and I start to get overheated and it's pretty tough.”