Sulaimon Brown says Kwame Brown is a 'crook'

Sulaimon Brown, former D.C. mayoral candidate.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The man who triggered an investigation of campaign spending among public officials is celebrating the resignation of D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown amid a bank fraud charge.

Sulaimon Brown, a one-time mayoral candidate, issued a statement Saturday. He says Kwame Brown is a "crook" along with other elected leaders in the city.

Kwame Brown resigned abruptly Wednesday. He was charged with federal bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign finance violation.

Sulaimon Brown says it doesn't matter of Kwame Brown stole from a bank or from a campaign.

Two former aides to Mayor Vincent Gray pleaded guilty last month to charges from the 2010 mayoral race. One admitted lying to investigators about donations to Sulaimon Brown. Another admitted funneling money to keep him in the race and attacking then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.