Suitland neighborhood on alert after woman, 84, beaten and robbed at home

A Suitland neighborhood is on alert after an 84-year-old woman was beaten up and robbed in her own home.

ABC7's Pamela Brown talked with a frightened neighbor who heard the attack.

It happened in an apartment complex on Arnold Road.

An 11-year-old girl was home alone when she heard an elderly woman's cry for help, right next door.

She thought maybe the woman had seen a bug, she says .

But the woman was being robbed.

Police say a man knocked on the 84-year-old woman's door, pretending to be a neighbor. When she opened the door, the man forced his way in and a struggled ensued.

The victim, who lives alone, was knocked to the ground and remained helpless on the floor until a neighbor found her 24 hours later, according to police.

The suspect took $50 cash from the victim's purse and fled. Police believe he suffered injuries to his finger or hand during the robbery.

The little girl says the incident still has her shaken up

"I don't feel safe anymore," she says. "I was scared to go to sleep."