Stun gun attacks unfold in Northwest D.C.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -{ }A series of terrifying attacks have unfolded in the Logan Circle area of Northwest Washington. Police say people are being attacked with stun guns, beaten and then robbed at gun point.{ }

Police say the suspects have no regard at all for their victims, who are all Hispanic, and as if being attacked with a stun gun and rendered defenseless isn't enough, the suspects were also armed with handguns and a knife. Police say they also beat all of their victims.{ }

The attacks began early Monday and all took place on N Street between the Washington Convention Center and Logan Circle.{ }

A 55-year-old father was suddenly attacked early Tuesday. A gun was pointed to his head and he was robbed of $300.{ }

But the frightening reality is that he isn't alone; the man was one of four victims attacked during a 48-hour period within blocks of one another between 9th and 14th streets.{ }

The first violent crime happened Monday around 2 a.m.{ }Police say{ }a 21-year-old restaurant employee and his cousin were attacked by three men with a stun gun.{ }The victim says a gun was put to his chin, he was knocked to the ground, and violently kicked. The men stole the $800 he had planned to wire to his family in Mexico. His cousin was taken to the hospital.

“No place is as safe as you think it is when things like this start happening," says an area resident.{ }

Because the victims were so disoriented during the attacks, there is no detailed description of the suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call police.