Stun gun attacks in D.C. worry residents

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A stun gun can temporarily disable a person with an electric shock. D.C. Police confirm the weapon was used in two robberies over the last 24 hours, adding to what appears to be a scary crime wave in the city.

"That sort of thing worries me -- I live here with my wife and my six-year-old," says District resident Chris Casey.

Casey lives near the first attack that occurred Sunday morning at 5 a.m. on Capitol Hill. Law enforcement sources say a Washington Post newspaper delivery man was attacked by at least three men armed with a stun gun.

"I am just really surprised, because he probably doesn't want to come to this area anymore," says another resident, Brenda Gibson.

Brenda also lives near the crime scene in the 300 block of Tennessee Avenue in Northeast. Police say the men threatened the delivery man with the stun gun, but before they could actually use it, he gave up his car keys and they stole his car.

"Giving up a car is a lot easier than potentially putting your life at risk,"says Casey.

Then, at 9 p.m. on Sunday night in Northwest at 10th and V Streets, police say a man walking in an alley was shocked with a stun gun by a group of men. The victim was hit from behind without warning, police told ABC7. The group stole his iPhone and managed to get away.

"It happened right outside my door, so it's a scary thing," says Peter Psillos.

Both cases come on the heels of three violent stun gun robberies on N Street between the Washington Convention Center and Logan Circle just last week.

Detectives released a video of the men they believe are responsible for shocking the four victims into submission – holding them at gunpoint, then beating and robbing them.

"It's an ongoing issue," says Psillos. "We've got police presence just about everywhere, but at the end of the day when crimes like this happen at 9 o'clock, that is when the real questions need to be answered."

Whether the men behind all of the attacks are the same is currently under investigation, according to police.