Study: D.C. ranked among clean economy leaders

WASHINGTON (AP) - A new report finds Washington is a clean economy leader.

The report that the Brookings Institution issued Wednesday ranks the states and the top 100 metropolitan areas. The report, covering 2003 to 2010, defines the clean economy as the sector producing goods and services with an environmental benefit, including energy conservation, electric vehicles, organic farming and sustainable forestry.

The District of Columbia ranks fourth behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago in the number of clean economy jobs. The report says Washington has more than 70,000 such jobs, adding more than 20,000 since 2003.

Conservation, regulation and compliance and mass transit account for more than 40,000.

The Baltimore area ranks 22nd.

On the state level, Virginia ranks 15th, Maryland 23rd and Delaware 49th.

Clean Economy Report:

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