Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow clean Anacostia River

Students who are part of college program called Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow are spending their break travelling across the country on charter buses, making stops in several cities across the way and participating in some sort of community service project.

Thursday’s stop is in Prince George's County to clean the tributaries that lead into the Anacostia River.

While doing service projects across the country may not seem like the ideal college Spring break, many students tell us they are glad they did it.

“Normally i'd be sleeping in until 1:30 p.m. and now I'm getting up at 6 a.m. and actually doing good,” says David Curtis, who attends the University of Wisconsin. “It’s nice to see peoples faces when they actually appreciate your help.”

This is the 9th year that college students have come to the D.C. area to clean up our waterways.

Every year, they pull out more than 100 bags of trash in just one day.

Local organizers say their help is so important in keeping our wild life safe and water clean.

“All of the trash that ends up in these tiny little streams and creeks ends up in the Anacostia, goes to the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay and ultimately the Atlantic ocean,” says local organizer Kellie Bolinder.