Students protest move to Ballou

A group of students Monday walked out of their classes to protest recent budget cuts and a plan to move them out of their school and into Ballou High School.

At issue is the special education school at Shadd Elementary, which is slated to close. The students in the special education class are scheduled to move into a smaller facility inside Ballou High School, which is accused of having a fraction of the staff. The special education students fear they will be isolated or face violence at Ballou.

“Y'all want to put us there and put us in danger, that's terrible,” said student Jawan Johnson. “Why not keep us here where we cool and peaceful and know the teachers going to help us?”

The school system has refused to comment about the matter.

Cynthia Barclift, whose daughter Tatiyana attends the special education classes, wants answers.

“The only thing that's been going for her for the past four years is Shadd and they want to close it down and can't even give us a reason why,” Barclift said.