Students at Cesar Chavez school pepper sprayed

Students at a Southeast D.C. school were pepper sprayed Thursday.

A fire drill was underway at{ }Cesar Chavez Charter school at 709 12th Street. Someone who does not attend that school walked up and started spraying people, ABC7’s Greta Kruz reports.

Students say a person was walking by muttering, then started spraying people. “We went walking out from the fire drill, and then some man sprayed some mace and some people inhaled it,” one student said.

“People stared coughing,” student Anthony Kittrell said. “Like they couldn’t breathe.”

Police Capt. Robin Hoey said 10 students were taken to a hospital. He said level of injuries is unknown to police, but students seemed fine on the scene. The principal also said that the students who were hit are fine but are being taken to a hospital as a precaution.

Police are looking for a clean-shaven black man in his 20s wearing a black dress. They are checking surveillance cameras.