Pornography scandal hits McLean High School

(WJLA) - At the end of the day at McLean High School, class may be over, but the rumor mill is just getting started.

Students here are talking about what Fairfax County Police confirm is an investigation into nude photos of teenage girls posted online, using an app called “Dropbox.”

Some of the girls were reportedly not aware that this was even taking place. But their once private pictures are now public – available in folders that can be shared again and again.

Search warrants say that a 16-year-old put the photos on Dropbox with the help of a senior. No charges have been filed yet, but detectives from the Child Exploitation Unit are investigating and trying to identify the students responsible.

A topic like this deserves attention, according to parents, who say that the pictures spark a conversation that everyone should be having with their kids:

"That should never be okay for a young high school girl to be sharing with anybody in the school," says one parent. "You need to talk about respecting other people and the dignity of the person."