Student maced at Ballou High School

Extra security was called out to Ballou after the incident. Photo: Kris Van Cleave

A student at Ballou High School in Southeast D.C. maced a peer Friday afternoon in an incident school officials believe stemmed from a neighborhood dispute.

MPD officials say a group of as many as ten students got into a fight at the 4th Street Southeast campus, during which one student pulled out a can of mace and began spraying.

“I just see smoke and mace everywhere and the principal throwing kids down steps trying to break the fight up,” says one student.

Sources say that the early-afternoon fight took place on the second floor of the school. D.C. Fire officials say that four people were treated for respiratory distress, while other students simply went home early.

"I walked through the hallway and I was maced," Ballou senior Samatha Baskin said. "My eyes were burning. My throat was sore. It's dumb."

No arrests have been made.