Student arrests, deaths make tough few years for Naval Academy

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJLA) - Annapolis cab driver Williams Delcid didn't want to show his face on camera, but he does want his story told - so that the crime he says midshipman and star lacrosse player Gabe Voumard committed against him isn't swept under the rug.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, Delcid said he picked up an obviously drunk Voumard and another man in downtown Annapolis, and drove them to a house near the Bay Bridge. The fare was $24.80.

Voumard said he didn't have enough money, so Delcid said he went into the home, presumably to get more money - but when he came out, he had not more money, but a knife.

"He came up to me...with the knife," Delcid told ABC7. "I feel, I thought, my life was in danger."

Delcid said Voumard raised the butter knife and tried to stab him through the partially open window, but the blow landed on the side of the cab, leaving a mark.

Voumard is charged with first-degree assault. Police said the type of knife does not make the charge less serious.

Voumard's arrest comes at a difficult time for the Naval Academy. Last year, three football players faced sexual assault allegations. This semester, the Academy has been reeling from the deaths of three midshipmen - two in alcohol-related incidents.

A school spokesman admits it's been a tough stretch, but at this point, is unaware of any plans to change policies or rules.

The cab driver said he feels lucky he wasn't hurt.

"You see the damage he did to the car. How 'bout he do this, then, to my face or my head?" Delcid asked.