Stormy Friday leads to flooding across the DC area

Stormy Friday leads to flooding across the DC area (Tom Roussey/ABC7) 

Another stormy Friday night led to heavy rain, damaging winds and flooding across the D.C. metropolitan area.

There were streets underwater, cars trapped and even the Cleveland Park Metro station was flooded.

At the station, water pooled up at the bottom of the stairs and escalators and riders had to wade through the water. Luckily, it cleared out quickly.

Meanwhile, U.S. Park Police shut down southbound Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway a mile south of the Connecticut Avenue Bridge due to flooding.

The road flooded near the area where Waterside Drive merges into the parkway.

ABC7's Tom Roussey reported Rock Creek was higher than normal and filled with debris.

But after a few minutes, the water level dropped and police reopened the road.

After the storms passed, the sky gave way to a beatiful sunset.

Roussey captured several photos of the purple, pink, orange, red and yellow sky.

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