Storms leave high water, lead to water rescues near Germantown

The storm in Montgomery County left high water and led to two water rescues Wednesday.

The rescues occurred near the intersection of Peach Tree and Barnesville Roads near Germantown.

Two people were pulled from vehicles in separate incidents. No one was injured.

Motorist and Frederick County resident Emily Van Gilder was on her way home from a work party in Bethesda when she decided to take her car off 277 and take back roads.

"This way wasn't the smart way," Gilder said.

A number of places on Barnesville Road flooded.

"I had been hitting water the entire time, but I had made it through everything else so I didn't think it was going to be that high," Gilder said.

Before she knew it, her car shut off. At that point, she thought she was going to die.

"I'm sitting in it and I can see the water coming up my door and I'm freaking out, it was terrifying," she said.

Gilder says rescuers that had been called to help another flooded car on Barnesville Road near West Baltimore Road, instead found her on the way.

She was rescued quickly, but her car was not so lucky. Family members could not get it started Wednesday night.