Storms knock down trees, cut off power

A falling tree crushed the windshield of Tene Lewis's car (Photo: Jay Korff/WJLA).

Utility crews are hard at working across the region after severe storms knocked out power to thousands in the area. At last check,{ }Dominion reports under 100 customers are still in the dark as the outages have been predominantly in northern Virginia, particularly in Fairfax and Arlington counties.

27,000 without power

The strong winds took down trees in Arlington. By 5 p.m. Dominion had 27,000 customers without power, among them a McDonalds on Chain Bridge Road.

Palting says the blackout crippled business in the bookstore where she works. “We couldn't check anyone out, we couldn't help people find books because we use computers to find where books are located, if we have books in store,” she said.

In the calm after the storm, Dominion crews worked to restore power.

“Dominion’s great, I mean we never have any problems around here, and a storm like this, they're out here right away,” said Scott Beaulieu of Alexandria.

A falling tree crashed a woman's car in D.C. and came just inches from killing her.

Falling tree crushes woman's car

"The tree branch fell in my car while I was driving," Tene Lewis said.

Co-worker Tia Holt was driving behind Lewis along Massachusetts Avenue in Southeast D.C. "All of a sudden it was cracking," she said. "I was scared to death."

The limb crushed Lewis's car. A wooden shard sliced through the windshield, coming down only inches from the mother of two.

"It was only angels above watching over me because I would‘ve been dead," Lewis said. “It’s just a blessing that I’m alive.”

She managed to scramble out of her destroyed ride and a passer-by offered her shelter in her car. Lewis will chose her next route carefully. "There's too many trees around here. I will not come this way again,” she said.

Heavy rainfall caused water to pool on streets and trapped some motorists.

“I got a little panicky as the water got up towards the edge of the door,” said Will Green, who lives in Falls Church.

In his four-wheel drive Mercedes, Green thought he could conquer Lawyer’s Road, but before he knew it, he says the waters rose to four feet high.

“It was a little bit of a trickle and then all of a sudden flash flood... I got about halfway through and the water washed up over the hood and I stalled out and the car got stuck,” Green said.

When Vienna floods, Old Town Alexandria often does too.

“It was so strong, rain, all of a sudden, bam it was here, and it was coming down really hard, I could hear the thunder,” described Crystal Plating of Springfield.

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