Storms cause flooding in D.C.

Cleanup of damage from the latest round of strong storms is continuing across the Washington region Thursday, where downed trees and power lines are creating headaches for storm-weary residents.

Thursday is forecasted to be cooler than Wednesday, but very humid with another chance of strong afternoon storms.

Meanwhile, residents are hoping for some type of reprieve. In addition to the storm damage and outages, Wednesday’s severe weather caused some homes to flood.

Josh Lipes' friends and landlord helped him clean up his Northwest basement apartment on Rhode Island Avenue Wednesday night. For the second time in eight days, not only did his home flood, but sewage backed up into it.

"I'm glad I didn't replace my couch from the first time," Lipes said.

Lipes says he's going to have to move.

"It's an absolute certainty at this point. I can't live like this," he added.

There was more trouble further east on Rhode Island, as a notorious spot just below the Metro station flooded, stalling out Kevin Temple's car.

"Three other cars went before me and they made it, and one was even a little smaller than mine. But maybe, I went a little too fast," Temple said.

There were also troubles in Prince George's County. Hillcrest Heights resident Brenda Wilson said she watched as lightning knocked out power to her home.

"It was two big booms. I said, 'Oh my god," resident Brenda Wilson said. "I was standing right outside my looked like fire in the sky."

However, for all the flak Pepco has taken lately, residents gave the company high marks Wednesday

"I must say I'm very pleased with the quick response from Pepco, because that's a first," Hillcrest Heights resident Lashanda Thurston said.

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