Stink bugs returning to D.C. area as temperatures cool down

Native to Asia, stink bugs first appeared in America several decades ago. Photo: ABC7

Hold your nose. They're back.

The upcoming cool down in temperature means that stink bugs will make their annual return to the D.C. area, and researchers tell WTOP that they're expecting a large infestation in 2013.

"We expect this may be as bad - or as significant - as the year 2010, which was the breakout year for these stink bugs around here," University of Maryland professor Mike Raupp told WTOP's John Aaron.

Stink bugs begin moving back toward the area after the summer feeding season ends as they look for shelter near dead trees.

The brown marmorated species of the stink bug is native to Asia and were first discovered in the United States two decades ago in Pennsylvania, WTOP says. There's no natural predator for the stink bug in these locales.