Stink bugs expected to reach record numbers in 2013

The stink bug population could hit a new high in 2013 in the D.C. area, experts say.

University of Maryland entomology professor Michael Raupp says the stink bug population could soar this spring and summer - much like it did in 2010.

"Some people are afraid of the stink bugs, but I kind of consider them to be the Abbott and Costello of the insect world," Raupp says. "They kind of bumble around. They bump into things. They fall down. They're not going to bite you or your children."

"What we're most concerned with is the impact this will have on our farmers."

Wayne White is the director of technical services at American Pest and has several tips to keep your home sting-bug free.

NewsChannel 8's Jenny Doren talks with Raupp and White to find out what to expect and how to cope with the little pests.