Steven Vondell Williams arrested for killing Hae Soon Lim

Hae Soon Lim was slain in June.

D.C. police officials say they have arrested a suspect in connection with the murder of a store owner who was found in shot and killed inside her store on H Street in Northeast D.C. this past June.

Police arrested 46-year-old Steven Vondell Williams for the June 14 murder of Hae Soon Lim, a 64-year-old Rockville resident. Williams, of D.C., is charged with murder two while armed.{ }

Even D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier calls Lim's death a devastating loss, but she doesn't stop there.

"To have a 64-year-old woman who was so loved by the community murdered in an area that is so vibrant and thriving and close knit, that was just kind of a double blow," Lanier said.

Lim was found dead inside the Grace Deli, in the 700 block of H Street on June 14. Police say she was shot in the neck.

At the time of the slaying, the murder shook her family and neighborhood residents who frequented the deli and convenience store.

Lim's son, Peter, cried as he cradle the 2-month-old grandchild his mother never met.

Lim, who family members say went by the name "June," emigrated from South Korea and was a mother of two.

Peter said the last five months have been hard, but nothing compared to the next few weeks.

"First time in 36 years that I haven't had my mom to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas," he explained.

And as his community continues to mourn with him, Lanier credits the capture to pristine police work after Williams' DNA was found on a gun holster left at the scene near Lim's body.

Lanier added, "It was frustrating for us, knowing who the suspect was for some time but putting all the pieces together. The work paid off."