Steven Smith found not guilty in Franconia stabbing death of Wyatt Campbell

The teenager accused in the stabbing death of an 18-year-old man last October in Franconia was found not guilty by a jury in Fairfax County on Friday.

Steven Smith, who was 15 at the time of the stabbing, was acquitted of the murder of 18-year-old Wyatt Campbell, which happened behind the Rose Hill Plaza on Oct. 14.

The family of Wyatt Campbell says Friday’s verdict by a Fairfax County jury does not bring justice.

“We've been dealing with for almost nine months now,” said Sheila Fuller, the victim’s mother.

Police told ABC7 News at the time of the stabbing that Campbell had gotten into a dispute with a group of teens and had smashed out the back windshield of a car shortly before he was stabbed.

Campbell died half an hour later at the hospital.

Smith turned himself in several days after the incident. The Edison High School sophomore was charged with second-degree murder. He was tried as an adult.

Family members said that Campbell and Smith had grown up together.

“It would have been better for everyone involved, the whole community, if this person been kept in jail,” Fuller said after the acquittal.

At Friday's hearing, the older brother of the accused, David Smith, was held in contempt of court after yelling a profanity at the Campbell family. He was sentenced to three days in jail.

Fairfax County officers are maintaining a visible presence at the Campbell and Smith homes as well as the Rose Hill shopping plaza, the scene of the crime.

Campbell's mother Fuller says she's not angry with the jury. “I don't blame anyone. The only person I blame is the person who murdered my child,” she said.

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