Sterling Sikh family threatened, told to 'leave country as soon as possible'

People of the Sikh religion often wear long beards and turbans. (Photo: Flickr/Dick Uhne) (FILE PHOTO: This photo is not of a family member in the story.)

The FBI and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is trying to determine who wrote a threatening letter to a Sterling Sikh family, WTOP reports.

WTOP's Kathy Stewart reports that the letter, which is not signed and not directed toward a specific person in the family, says that neighbors have figured out that family members are "close advocates of a secret Taliban movement on U.S. soil."

Advocates tell WTOP that Sikhs, who wear turbans and long beards as outward signs of their religious tenets, which some people misread as symbols for terrorist groups.

Sikh community members are calling on authorities to pursue the incident as a hate crime.