Stephen Brumme charged with burglarizing Arlington home

Brumme was caught on camera burglarizing the woman's home. Photo: Arlington County Police

An Maryland Realtor is facing multiple charges after he was caught on camera allegedly burglarizing a home in Ballston, police say.

The realtor, 60-year-old Stephen Brumme of Silver Spring, has been charged with burglary and possession of burglarious tools, Arlington County Police say.

In early Feb., the couple went out of town prior to an open house at their home, located at 4100 block of North 11th Street.

The victim, after realizing that several pieces of clothing were missing, watched video from webcams she set up around the house. To the couple's horror, the video showed Brumme allegedly going through her drawers and closets.

Police say Brumme had access to the property as a Realtor.

Authorities say Brumme can be heard in the video giving directions to prospective buyers on their way to look at the house.

Brumme was released on bail, but his real estate license was suspended. Detectives are now actively looking for other potential victims.

"Thought we would just like to see people's reactions to our house during the open house and so we set some camera's up."

Investigators think it's possible, based on Brumme's comfort level in going through the dresser, that there may be other victims. They say he's been inside hundreds of houses in the past several month.

YouTube video courtesy of ArlingtonCoVa.